Golf Fitness Tips to Improve Your Game

Here are some golf fitness tips that can literally improve every aspect of your game – from the distance you hit your driver (and every other club for that matter) to the way you feel on and off the golf course.

Ask most club-level golfers and they’ll tell you that fitness for golf is the preserve of the world’s top players looking for anything that will give them the slightest competitive edge. After all, they have time to spend hours at the gym each day and easy access to the best facilities and fitness coaches. But did you know that a simple home exercise routine, performed just 3 days a week with some basic, low cost equipment, can make a significant difference to your golf game?

Scientific studies have shown that with a well-designed golf fitness plan, everyday amateur golfers can:

  1. Increase their swing speed and therefore their average carry distance with every club in the bag.
    2. Improve their accuracy, hitting more shots out the middle of the club.
    3. Reduce their risk of injuries – particularly to the shoulders and back.
    4. Improve their overall health and energy levels and reduce the risk of serious illness.

And best of all, the amateur golfers that took part in these studies didn’t have to give up their life for exercise to improve their golf game and their health.  Buy Trim Life Keto Shark Tank Diet Pills


A golf-specific strength training program has been shown to increase club head speed in amateur golfers. While golf isn’t simply about how fast you can swing the club (or even how far you hit the ball), research shows that faster swing speeds result in lower handicaps.

To a lot of gym goers, strength training means pumping iron to exhaustion. It means completing lots of isolated exercises such as biceps curls and crunches in split routines (one or two body parts worked each day). But the key to remember is that strength training for golf is NOT the same as body building.

Firstly, you should select exercises that mimic the movements and positions in golf. For example, rotational exercises that work the core region (such as ‘wood chops’) are more suitable than traditional sit ups or crunches. Likewise, squats or lunges are more beneficial to a golfer than seated leg extensions for example.

Secondly, you should choose a wide variety of exercises that work all the major muscles groups each session (even those muscles that might not predominate in the golf swing). This helps to keep your body and your musculature balanced – imbalances lead to injury. Whereas a bodybuilder typically splits his or her routine into body parts (chest and shoulders one day, legs the next etc.), a total body routine is usually more suitable for a golfer.

Thirdly, you should incorporate exercises that strengthen your core region (stomach, lower back, hip region) and improve your posture. This will help to prevent injury and it will also allow you to make a more balanced, more controlled and more repeatable golf swing. Best Legal SARMs for Sale online near me


Flexibility is under-rated. Improving your flexibility will allow you to make a fuller turn with less effort during the backswing – and that means more power in your golf shots. It will help you get into the correct positions during the backswing – and that means greater accuracy and consistency in your golf shots.

But more than your ability to hit a golf ball further and with greater consistency, increased range of motion just makes you feel better. Reducing your muscle stiffness can reduce your risk of injury, such as muscle tears, and the right types of stretches can help to improve postural imbalances – a major cause of back problems.

You can improve your flexibility through a static stretching routine completed 3x a week. It’s best to stretch when your body is warm after exercise. Focus on stretches to the shoulders, upper and lower back, hamstrings, quads and calves. You can hold each stretch for 15 seconds and complete it twice or hold for 30 seconds, completing each stretch once.

The time to avoid static stretching is immediately BEFORE a round of golf. Contrary to popular belief, there is no evidence to show that static stretching before a sporting activity reduces the risk of injury or improves performance (if anything, it’s detrimental). What you can do pre-round is a series of dynamic stretches…

A dynamic stretch uses movement and momentum to bring about a stretch. A classic example is ‘arm swings’ – where you start with your arms out in a crucifix position and then swing them across your chest and then out again. This dynamically stretches the chest muscles. phenq reviews before and after


Cardiovascular exercise will help you to feel more focused and alert on the golf course. It reduces stress and will keep you feeling fresher in the latter stages of your round. If you struggle to maintain your concentration and enthusiasm for 18 holes CV exercise can help. But more importantly…

Regular cardiovascular exercise literally allows you to live longer and healthier. It reduces your risk of major illnesses (such as heart disease, stroke, certain cancers and type II diabetes) and it reduces high blood pressure – known as the ‘silent killer’ that affects about 25% of the adult population worldwide.

If you’re short on time, you can structure golf strength exercises in a way that they improve your cardiovascular fitness as well. It’s known as circuit training and it’s one of the most efficient, time-friendly (and fun) types of exercise. Buy Phentermine Online in Stores


  • Research shows that a well-designed golf fitness program improves your golf game and lowers your scores, regardless of age or current handicap.
  • Combining a program of golf-specific strength and flexibility exercises allows you to hit the ball further, more accurately and more consistently.
  • Using a circuit training set up allows you to improve your cardiovascular fitness as well. This can have a significant impact on your health as well as your golf.

A golf fitness program doesn’t have to take over your life. You’ll see benefits from a 3-day per week routine, completed at home, without requiring any expensive exercise equipment.

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10 Easy Weight-Loss Hacks Proven to Actually Work

Losing weight is not just a matter of eating the right foods and getting enough exercise, it is also a matter of developing the mental side of it because unless you get yourself into the right frame of mind your weight loss efforts are doomed to fail. Here are ten weight-loss hacks.

1. Develop a healthy living mindset

Weight management is more a healthy living mind-set rather than a weight-loss one. Get into healthy living habits try not to focus on how much weight you are losing. Focus instead on getting enough exercise and eating the right foods. Healthy living also means living well and looking after your mental well-being. Unless you are in the right head-space you will not be in the right frame of mind to make the right choices as far as what you eat.

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2. Decide to be happy despite your current circumstances

Some people make a decision that they are not going to be happy until they lose x amount of weight or for some other reason. In other words they need a license in order to be happy. The catch-22 situation is that a low self-esteem will undermine your weight-controlling efforts. Being happy is your responsibility and yours alone. It is up to you to find your own calling in life and being the person you were meant to be will go a long way towards achieving happiness and once you achieve that it will be easier to achieve your ideal weight.

Phentermine Alternatives in 2022 – Best over the Counter Phentermine 37.5 mg Weight Loss Supplements

3. Be yourself

There is no one else like you so be the best at being you rather than an imitation of someone else. It is better to polish the personal unique gifts and talents you have rather than be envious of others who are gifted in other areas. You are not meant to hide the talents you have or keep them to yourself but rather share them with others so that they may benefit from them. As far as weight-loss goes, it is futile to try and achieve a model-like figure when you have a different body-type.

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4. Don’t compare yourself with others.

Run your own race and let others run their races. People who have a low self-esteem tend to make unfavourable comparisons with others. It is true that people tend to date their self-esteem. They are attracted to people who have the same issues as they have. Just accept who you are and if others do not like who you are then that is their problem, not yours. Just do your best!

5. Take no notice of the infomercials

Advertisers will use all the tricks in the book to appeal to your desires. That includes making you feel guilty about who you are. Honestly, you can understand why some women’s self-esteem suffers when you see some of the ads. There is usually a disclaimer in the ad saying “results are not typical.” Understand that for every person who appears in those testimonials there are countless others who were unsuccessful despite all their efforts. The success stories you read of are often exaggerated.

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6. Ignore the before and after ads

Take no notice of the before and after adverts. The only before and after photos you should concern yourself with are your own. An unflattering photo is always used for the before photo.You do not know what goes on in order to produce such a flattering image in the after photo.

7. Make small changes daily

Make gradual changes to your diet in order for your body to become accustomed to a different routine whether that is changes to your diet or a new fitness regime. Develop good habits by taking bite-sized changes. It will all take time but it is better than trying to achieve too much in a short time then losing heart and giving up. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was anything else worth achieving so be patient.

8. Don’t lose heart

It may be frustrating when you are not making much progress. Don’t lose heart, just keep to your healthy living plan and you will at least be satisfied that you are doing the right thing. Focus on your hobbies and this will keep your mind off worries. Enjoy living your life despite your circumstances.

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9. Take up new hobbies and sports

This is essential for your well-being because unless you are in the right head-space your efforts to control your weight will be in vain. Have you heard of the saying “comfort eating?” Sport enables you to connect with others and helps to build up your network of friends and acquaintances. Getting involved in some kind of sport is an activity that will certainly help you to control your weight and help maintain your mental stability. There are a number of sports you can take up and it does not matter how unfit you are. Even walking around the block is better than not exercising. The key is to get into the habit of exercising. Your capacity to do more exercise will increase as your fitness increases.

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10. Understand there are no magic formulas

There is no magic formula for obtaining the body you want. There is no easy solution or short-cut method for reducing your weight. It takes effort and sacrifice and you have to decide whether it is all worth it. There is an ideal weight for all body types. Therefore you need to establish what is the ideal body type for your weight.

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אצלנו תקבלו את השירותים המקיפים ביותר שיהפכו את עמוד האינסטגרם שלכם לכרטיס הביקור האידיאלי ולמקום שהרבה מאד גולשים רוצים להגיע אליו.

החל מקניית עוקבים איכותיים שישדרגו את התפוצה והנראות שלכם בפלטפורמה, דרך קניית לייקים באינסטגרם וצפיות בסטורי שיהפכו כל תוכן לויראלי, רובוט חכם שידאג שהעמוד שלכם יהיה פעיל תמיד ועד ניהול שוטף של העמוד שלכם, כולל קידום ממומן מקצועי – לנו יש את כל הכלים לצמוח אתכם למעלה.

כמובן שאת כל השירותים שלנו תקבלו ממומחי האינסטגרם המנוסים ביותר בארץ, ככה שאתם בידיים הכי טובות שיש מהרגע הראשון. אם אתם רוצים לבלוט מעל היתר ולהעיר את העמוד שלכם, ככה שכל מי שצריך לראות אותו יראה אותו באמת – זה הזמן להכיר את השירותים המקצועיים של instafollow.

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